Internals for Separation

Normally in oil, gas and petrochemical process we do physical separation of liquid (oil)/gas/solid in a pressure vessel. That means when we are dealing with a mass flow of 2-3 phase, we pass the flow through a pressure vessel.  There are several mechanisms that we can do the separation like: Gravity, inertia, Centrifugal force. Based on these mechanisms we design some parts called “Internal” which will be installed in the pressure vessel in order to perform eh requested physical separation function. Here are some samples:

  • Flow Inlet Distributor
  • Demister Pad / Wire mesh
  • Vanes
  • Cyclone/vortex tube 
  • Filter cartridges

    Filter Coalescence (Coalescer)


Flow Inlet Distributor

FDAN designs, engineers and manufactures different type of flow Distributor in order to control the flow interring the pressure vessel and make the preparation function for next separation stage. in this product, the target is to remove as much as possible separate the liquid flow from gas flow.

Demister Pad / Wire mesh

We consider Demister Pad or Wire mesh in order to deal with smaller droplet of liquids and pass the flow which contains these droplets through Demister Pad or Wire mesh to buildup bigger droplets to ease the separation function.


We design, engineer and manufacture different type of vane type separators, in order to overcome pressure drop and keep the momentum of the flow, by changing the direction of the flow in vane pack separator, we have the chance to trap the liquid droplets, which have heavier molecular weight compare to gas, and clean the gas flow from them.  

Cyclone/Vortex Tube 

FDAN provides Cyclone separators or simply cyclones which are type of separation devices (used normally in dry scrubbers) based on principle of inertia utilize to remove mainly solid particles from the flow of gases. It is important to note that this is the flow which rotates in the Cyclone/vortex tube, and there is no rotary devise in this internal. Therefore due to Centrifugal force heavier particles, move the extern layer and we have the chance to remove them.


Filter cartridges

Filter Coalescence (Coalescer)

FDAN supply wide variety of  Filter cartridges in order to provide the cleanest flow of gas. With dry gas filter, we filter very fine solid particles from flow of Gas and by Coalescence filter we can remove the very tiny droplet of liquid from the flow of Gas.

It is important to note that Coalescer elements, do not separate anything, they just help us to produce bigger droplet of liquid from smaller ones during passing the flow through them.