Control Valve

Considering that in general Control valves can be classified into two main types, based on the stem movement: Sliding and Rotary, and Apart from our experiences with manual valve, through dealing with control valves we have made stablished contacts with well-known actuators manufacturers. The majority of control valve manufacturers normally manufacturer the pneumatic actuators themselves and outsource the electrical actuator. We can supply your projects and inquires of different type of control valves by referring to the right manufacturers in order to meet your technical / commercial demands.

Control Valves Types that we are suppling:

  • Sliding Stem

          Globe valve

          Angle body valve

          Angle seat piston valve

  • Rotary

         Butterfly valve

         Ball valve

  • Other

         Pinch valve

        Diaphragm valve


We are focused on Control Valve industry in both direction of valve manufacturers and actuators manufacturers. We have the experience to supply your projects by utilizing the right combinations considering your tedhnicals requirment:

  • Budgets
  • Delivery time
  • Technical requirements
  • AVL (approved vendor list)

Send us your enquiry and let us provide our services.