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FDAN Equipment & Engineering Supply was established in 2020 with the aim of providing technical engineering services in Oil, gas and petrochemical industry. We continued later by providing our own production facilities and engineering & equipment procurement consulting services in the field. In this regards we are focused on machines at the end of Polymers (PE, PP, etc) production line and related component and equipment, like raw materials such as Piping Material (pipes, fittings, Flanges, Valves), Flow control equipment and Instruments (Control valves), Rotary Machines (Pumps and Compressors) and Process equipment. As a result of the planning and efforts of our team, this company has left a reasonable record in the fields of design, engineering and supervision of the implementation of compounding projects, and its continuous and successful activities always has a deep commitment and attention to meet the needs of Clients and made it as main activities a priority to fulfill its obligations to customers and projects owners by creating value in quality, time and cost of projects.


FDAN Equipment & Engineering Supply Company relies on good relation to its clients and the experiences that we made with its teams in providing equipment and  engineering supply with, consulting and supervision in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Energy industries.

This Consulting Engineering with specialized and experienced team and its scientific and experimental support, by using the latest technology and engineering methods and international standards and emphasizing the principle of customer satisfaction, meet the needs of engineering and industrial consulting and in a sustainable interaction With clients and partner companies, it has provided new solutions to solve the problems of various industries and....


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