Engineering and Product's Procurement Services

Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Projects

in FDAN we have two major line of activities:

  • the first line of activity is material and equipment supply
  • and the second line we do engineering services

 It is crucial to maintain efficiency in the procurement process in order to guard against nonperformance risks. These include long deliveries, late deliveries, damaged products, shortage of supplies or equipment, maintenance work orders, failure to deliver etc.

Procurement in Oil and Gas Industry involves the buying of equipment, machinery and other machines used in oil, gas and Petrochemical. The process may include transportation, processing or storage of the product. Procurement in the this Industry includes purchasing raw material like Pipes, plates, etc., at wholesale prices from mills.

There is also a need for the oil and gas industry to purchase equipment that will enable the end-user to produce oil and gas.

Effective Procurement is important for Projects and contractors. As the field of procurement has changed dramatically in recent years, requiring new skills for procuring items from vendors, and managing vendor relationships are necessary.

Supply of Equipment and Material

As major a scope of job in FDAN we have focus and machines, equipment in production lines of polyethylene and polypropylene between Reactor (when the chemical reaction finished) and before bagging.

In this regard we deal with different machine and equipment like extruder panromantic converter system rotary feeder diverter valves pump compressor different type of valves and control valves

Consulting Services

FDAN Equipment & Engineering Supply was established to supply equipment and raw materials required for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries and projects. Relying on the capability of skilled Engineers and technical and commercial specialists, long term relation and experiences with well—known manufacturers, made able this company to achieve a suitable position in the field of equipment and material supply. In this regard, in order to optimize the process of activities, the company implemented and obtained the required standards in order to satisfy customers by providing timely and quality of ....

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